The Neverending Glen

The Neverending Glen is an extension of The Kelburn Garden Party that takes guests on a surreal, enchanting and stimulating multi-media adventure, where contemporary art meets ancient landscape. Artists and art collectives are invited to create site-specific installations, sculptures, performances and events, to enhance the audience’s experience of the amazing Kelburn Estate with it’s magical and ancient forestry, mesmerizing views over the Atlantic and astounding location on the west coast.

2016 Programme of Creative Contributors

Shona Hardie

Shona Hardie

Located at the top of the glen and only to be found by the truly adventurous. Shona Hardie has painstakingly collected, carved, boiled, and scrubbed locally sourced driftwood and bone. The result is the birth of Shona’s birds. A continuation of her residency with Too Much Fun Club, these magnificent sculptures are formed from purely recycled and organic materials and breath 3-dimensional life from Shona’s previous mural works.

Andrew Thomas Henderson

Fascinated by the stories behind natural and artificial structures, Andrew invites us to question the narratives concealed within his work. Man-made constructs have a discernible beginning, middle and end – a history. How did they get there? Why were they made? How is a pylon different from an anthill? Many of the shapes found in man made objects mimic shapes found in the natural world. His pieces show signs of a bigger picture, conceal a deeper meaning, blur the line between artificial and organic. His central piece, entitled “Leviathan”, is a large-scale, articulated whale suspended above heart of the glen.

David Mola

David Mola

A frame, a glass box, a title. That’s all you need to transform whatever being into an object full of meaning. “Museum” it’s a reflection on the way contemporary society consume art. Again the play it’s to change just one element on the equation. This time the focus it’s on the proper observer’s view: isolating a part of the whole We can transform a piece of bark into a piece of art. With the time even the vegetation around the piece will take another dimension. This way the human intervention has an impact both conceptual and physical on the environment.

Fiona Hermse

Fiona Hermse

Traditional jewellery and other craft techniques play an integral role in Fiona Hermse’s Visual Arts practice.  Constantly inspired by our interaction with the natural world, she is particularly fascinated by superstition, spiritual belief and mythology.

Her current works are an expression and an exploration of her experiences completing an Artist’s exchange in a rural village in eastern India earlier this year. “It affected me deeply and I wanted to communicate the extremities of emotion and of my sensory experience in this soul stirring, deeply spiritual place.”  Feeling simultaneously disturbed and uplifted; a heaviness and weightlessness, her sculptures are visual pathways and act as a metaphor for transcendence.

Marcin Krupa

Marcin Krupa is is a Polish sculptor based in Edinburgh. He works in a variety of materials and is fascinated by the human figure, its sexuality and controversy in the public and the visual art sphere. Last year his “Underpressure” installation comprised a fully-sculpted large-scale figure coated in concrete & surrounded by scattered body parts realised in wood. The figure, her body pressed between rocks, is distorted to convey a sense of smothering and uneasiness which is identifiable with the social anxiety and work-life unbalance. The wooden body parts were painfully displayed as the ultimate quintessence of the human disassociation from its integrity and identity. This year he will develop this concept, concentrating on the sexual side of nature, multiplicity and fertility.

Emma Mcleod

Emma Macleod

Emma’ art work explores the theatricality of placed objects. She works in many different mediums; video, photography, painting, site-specific installation and object & model making.  Key to her work is a sense of play, through materials, scale and subject matter. Emma’s current interest in colour, movement, hypnotic repetition and the flow of liquid are captured in her Glen sculptures ‘An Ode to Birds and ‘The drip, The Pour’. Emma combines organic form with her own experiences of the Neverending Glen in naturalistic vessels and reliefs dripping with colour and brimming with thread…

Deirdre Macleod

Deirdre Macleod’s site-responsive art work will be installed in The Plaisance, Kelburn’s beautiful and atmospheric walled garden. Her installation draws upon notions of enclosure associated with the historic and contemporary built environment. Deirdre Macleod is an Edinburgh-based visual artist whose primary practice is drawing in a variety of forms. She exhibits regularly across Scotland, most recently in Drawing on Drawing, a major exhibition of drawing at Edinburgh College of Art

Ashley Dudley

Ashley Dudley-Smith

Stemming from years living in rural Glenlyon, Ashley’s work concerns mankind’s relationship with nature and the uncertainty of our future on this planet. Using materials that are lying around wherever possible, Ashley makes paintings and sculpture that join together the man made and the natural. The giant ‘Nest’ takes us back to the womb and a simpler animal existence, while the egg is filled with the promise of new life and change…

James Jimbo

James Jimbo

James Jimbo brings a fourth edition of the critically ignored interactive performance meets drawing exhibition, Get Your Portrait Done Here! to the Neverending Glen 2016! Come on down and get your portrait drawn, see it exhibited in the Glen, and then come and collect it on Sunday to take back home!

Lex Burnhams & Kimberley Godfrey

Enter the video kaleidoscope and watch yourself dance and dissolve. Always becoming in an interactive video artwork which pulls the viewer into a world of whirling, strobing, patterns and colours.

James Page

James Craig Page

James Craig Page is a psychic medium and artist with a tendency to stop and look at clouds and rocks. He also reads palms and loves working with liquid gloss paint and creating something out of nothing. Preferably artistic, but not always. The work is about Stopping , Looking and Observing Nature. Then, through using Stones, Wood or, Found objects you create sculptures and balances using only Gravity Glue. 

Daniel Allison Among the Wild Deer

Daniel Allison is a Scottish writer, storyteller, musician and ceremonial facilitator. A long-time student of animistic cultures, Daniel has travelled the world and undertaken retreats in places such as East Africa, the Himalayas, the Mexican desert and Amazon rainforest in order to deepen his understanding of the connections between nature, culture and animism.

Currently based in Scotland, Daniel travels far and wide, sharing the stories and music of indigenous cultures at schools, festivals and events with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He has walked coast to coast across Scotland on bardic tours and performed in yurts, tipis, theatres, caves, on mountaintops and deep in the jungle, interspersing authentic indigenous stories and music with his own original compositions. His debut fantasy novel, Nara, will be available in 2017. 

Place + Platform

Place + Platform is a nomadic Edinburgh based collective that use their combined skills and energies to create exciting cross platform events featuring art, music and performance. For The Neverending Glen Place + Platform are entering new territory outside city and exploring the themes of inhabited space, settlement and imaginative exploration of habitat through sculptural installation and happenings. Known for art events with a little something different, Place+Platform have performances scheduled for during the art walks on Friday through Sunday during the Garden Party. We three, seeking something, following threads, remembering and remapping, mystery of mythology, following folklore, the story of the Glen.

The Golden Trailer Collective

In the Hindu tradition of hardcore journeys, a steel fishing boat (mcboatface) summits a hilltop to make its Kavadi overlooking the sea. On-board cinema Featuring the Radical Film Archive. Come aboard for lambrini ‘n fish fingers (subs for champagne and oysters) and an electric fashion show featuring hot design talents from Ayrshire and Ethiopia.

Alexander Twig Champion

Alexander Twig Champion

Being a Walking Artist, Alexander’s takes the viewer on a journey. This may be a voyage into poetry, an evocation of an experience, or may be a journey of real experience where the viewer is lead to encountering sculptural objects and gaining life experiences. With the outdoors as a studio, Alexander freely travels from place to place, picking up experiences and encountering new things. He is wanderer, aiming to highlight and re-examine the natural beauty and meditative moments in life that we often overlook. Walking, Writing and Sculpture combine into one.

Tim LeBreuilly

Traditional mindfulness practice often focuses on the breath or sensations in the body to allow us to develop ‘calm abiding’. We can engage with the same precept through focussed creative activity. Drawing is essentially about looking. Focussing on either a still life of found objects in our cosy bell tent or the beautiful surroundings of the Glen; come and practice simple meditation and drawing exercises. Develop a personal practice, quieten your mind or simply enjoy some drawing. With techniques such as “blind drawing” or drawing with a continuous line these workshops aren’t about judging results, just come and engage in the process

Kate Bonney & Simon Hayes

Kate Bonney and Simon Hayes – The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge was designed to be an immersive walk-through experience of the colours of the spectrum, first seen at Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry in 2015. The work places the colours of the rainbow within a natural environment, created in a stark man-made material. The colours of the rainbow are the component parts of the sunlight needed for the flora fauna to thrive.

Kate and Simon both specialise in site responsive lighting design and are delighted that this work has been chosen to sit alongside the iconic Kelburn Castle in the Neverending Glen

Projector Club

is a collaboration of minds with the passion to inspire. Mixing graffiti illustration, film & music


Tim Vincent-Smith

Tim’s installation, “Half of a Piano Cube” is a playable sculpture made of junked pianos. This piano piece was originally conceived of as a whole cube of pianos suspended from steel cables in a forest, played in performance by a musician who ascends via a rope ladder to the instrument interior and by squirrels, birds and the wind at all other times. Part sculpture, part musical instrument, partially complete, Half of a Piano Cube seeks to question our accepted notions of dimension, purpose and music. Please play.

Ray Interactive 303

Ray Interactive: Giant 303

The ‘Giant 303’ is a crowd participation installation developed by RAY Interactive. It’s a working scale model of the classic Roland TB-303 that allows visitors to trigger and manipulate preprogrammed classic bass lines and drum loops.

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