Will the festival be cancelled due to coronavirus?

Currently, we have no plans to cancel or postpone the Garden Party due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. We are closely following guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments and will contacts ticket holders immediately if the situation should change.

Why haven’t I received my ticket yet?

Your e-tickets will have been sent to the email address provided on the TicketLine website. Check your junk folder if it has not appeared. If you are still having issues the purchaser can call TicketLine customer services on 0161 813 2222. They are open from 10am until 6pm Monday to Friday or 10am until 1pm on Saturday.  Alternatively you can email TicketLine.

We can scan your e-Ticket either on your phone screen or printed onto paper.  Please remember to bring valid photo ID to box office just in case there is a problem.

How do I change the name / details on a ticket?

Please call TicketLine customer services on 0161 813 2222 from 10am until 6pm Monday to Friday or 10am until 1pm on Saturday.  Alternatively you can email TicketLine.

IMPORTANT: Only the original buyer can change the details on a ticket.

Can I add camping to my Psychedelic Forest ticket?

Yes, when you arrive at box office ask to upgrade your ticket to include camping.  You will pay £10 extra plus the usual £5 environmental deposit and be given a wristband which allows access to the campsite and campfire.

When does the festival site open & close?

The car parks and live-in field shut at 10pm, no vehicles will be allowed onto site after it gets dark. The box office shuts at 11pm.

IMPORTANT: If you arrive after 10pm, you will not be allowed to bring a vehicle onsite. If you arrive after 11pm, you will not be allowed into the main festival arena.

Kelburn Garden Party: The carpark and campsite open at 12 noon on Friday for people who have full weekend tickets. The Kelburn Garden Party officially starts at 7pm on Friday when the main area and stages open. Doors open at midday on the day for those with Day Tickets. The festival closes at 3am on Monday morning, and the campsite closes at 2pm on Monday.

Thursday Birthday Bolt-On: For Thursday ticket holders, Box Office opens at 4pm and entertainment will begin around 6pm.

The car parks and live-in field shuts at 10pm, no vehicles will be allowed onto site after it gets dark. The box office shuts at 11pm.

One-Night Psychedelic Events: If you are camping the car park and campsite open at 4pm on Saturday. Please do not arrive before that, you will directed off site until 4pm on Saturday. The event starts at 7pm and ends at 4am. Box office opens at 4pm and shuts at 11pm, please collect your wristband between these times or you will not be allowed into the event. The campsite shuts at 2pm on Sunday and Environmental Deposits must be reclaimed before that or they will be forfeit.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol to Kelburn?

Licensing laws are now very strict. You are allowed to bring a “reasonable” amount of alcohol to Kelburn but you are only allowed to drink it in the campsite and live-in vehicle field. To clarify, only alcohol purchased from the bar is allowed to be drunk in the event and security conduct searches to ensure this.

Where do I collect my wristband from?

Once you arrive at Kelburn you will need to swap your ticket for a security wristband in order to enter the festival site. You can exchange your ticket for a wristband at the festival office which is in the Pavilion (building beside the campsite) for The Garden Party and in the small cafe beneath the square for the Psychedelic Forest events. DO NOT BUY WRISTBANDS FROM ANYONE OUTSIDE THE BOX OFFICE. We control the wristbands very carefully, always inspect at the entrance and our excellent security team know how to spot fake, re-used and invalidated wristbands. If you are found with an inappropriate wristband it will be confiscated and you will have to buy a new one for the full walk-up price ticket or or be ejected from site.

Do I need photo ID?

Yes, especially if you look like you MIGHT be under 25.

Without acceptable photo ID we can’t let you into Psychedelic Forest events at all. At Kelburn Garden Party we can let you in but have to issue you with a youth wristband which means you won’t be allowed to buy or consume alcohol.

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is very strict.  We can be fined £20,000 for letting a 24 year old into a Psychedelic event or serving him or her alcohol at any event without acceptable ID if that person MAY be under 25. There are no exceptions, we must see one of the 6 forms of photo ID or we are not allowed to let you in / issue an adult wristband. From 1st October 2013, acceptable ID is one of the following:

  1. A passport
  2. A European Union photocard driving licence
  3. A Ministry of Defence Form 90 (Defence Identity Card)
  4. A photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram (Young Scot card)
  5. A national identity card issued by a European Union member state (other than the United Kingdom), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, or
  6. A Biometric Immigration Document

Other forms of ID such as birth certificate, credit card or student card are not acceptable.

If you have lost or do not have one of these then consider a proof of age card.

Apart the premium passport service available in Glasgow we believe this is the quickest form of acceptable ID available.

You will also need ID if there is an issue with your ticket.

What is the environmental deposit?

In an effort to keep the campsite site nice and clean for everyone, and to discourage tent abandonment, we operate an Environmental Deposit (ED) scheme. Everyone who has an overnight ticket must pay a £5 deposit when collecting their wristbands from box office. At the end of the event all you have to do to get your ED back is hand in a full rubbish sack or small bag of cigarette butts and show us that you have packed your tent away. A member of the clear-up crew will then check and cut off your whole wristband (Psychedelic events) or just the recycling symbol on the tag (Garden Party) and return your ED. After Psychedelic events ED’s may be collected between 9am and 2pm on Sunday. At the end of Kelburn Garden Party ED’s may be collected between 5pm and 9pm on Sunday OR between 9am and 1pm on Monday. Any ED’s which have not been claimed by 1pm are withheld as payment for afternoon use of the campsite.

IMPORTANT: You must present your wristband still attached to your wrist in an undamaged state to reclaim your ED.

How much does it cost to park my car, caravan or van?

Kelburn Garden Party: We know that many people need to drive to Kelburn but to encourage car sharing and use of public transport we charge a car parking fee. Parking tickets cost £10 in advance. Live-In Vehicles and Caravans must buy a 6x4m plot tickets which cost £30 each in advance. Please car share, please give lifts, please use public transport.

Psychedelic Forest events: Car and van parking costs £4 in advance. Live-In vehicles and camper vans cost £8 in advance. Please note that people staying in a camper van or live-in vehicle will each need a “with camping” event ticket to be allowed to stay overnight plus a live-in vehicle plot ticket.

What are current terms & conditions?

To run the large events that Kelburn puts on safely and with consideration for our neighbours there have to be some rules which you are agreeing to when you attend. Kelburn Arts reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any point. See the current Ts&Cs

Where is lost property kept?

During events lost property can be handed in to the box office, festival office or reception. Immediately after the event, if you are not on site, please email box office to enquire about lost items. From the Wednesday afterwards it is given the Kelburn Country Centre reception, you can call them on 01475 568 685.

Can I bring my dog (or other pets)?

The Kelburn team absolutely love dogs and all pets and that’s why we do not allow them on site.  During the festival, the site is noisy and dangerous for dogs and all other animals. Your dog will not be allowed into the arena at any time and unaccompanied dogs left in vehicles, tied up, or wandering the site will be reported to the police. We want your furry pals to be safe so don’t bring them.

Disabled access

Kelburn Garden Party is small festival set in the grounds of Kelburn Castle and the surrounding glen. Whilst very beautiful, it is also an innately challenging environment for crew and attendees alike. Ground surfaces vary from tarmac and hard standing roadways through to grass (sometimes mud) and dirt/gravel paths many uneven and steep. Whilst we’d love Kelburn to be fully accessible to everyone the reality is that nature is not so accommodating.

We also have very limited space so there are only 2 campsites; regular and family/quiet. If you have special requirements in terms of access and mobility we strongly recommend arriving early in the afternoon on Friday when there is still plenty of space and the team will have time to try and help you identify the best place to pitch your tent for your needs. If your vehicle has a disabled badge we can also try to park you closer to where you are camped. We provide disabled toilets in at least 3 locations and, of course, the Kelburn Crew are a friendly bunch who want to help.

If you have any further questions please email box office.